Our company was founded in January 2023 with the aim of serving the Hungarian research community with the highest quality products. Our goal is to provide our universities and research/development companies with reagents, kits and devices that make our researchers work more efficient, reliable and smooth.

As well as providing smooth and efficient supplies, Nivo-Bio Kft., as your local partner in Hungary, will provide the confidence that any issues of concern from its customers, will be dealt with and resolved, promptly.

The many years of research and commercial experience behind the management and staff of Nivo-Bio Kft. provide a good basis for successful and efficient work with our customers.

Mr. Sandor KONCZ
(managing director)

Product Ranges

Our offer is constantly expanding. Through dialogue with our customers we constantly evaluate the needs of our customers for newer, high-quality products and services.

To provide the very best possible support, our plan is to include only a small number of manufacturing companies in our offer. This means that we can more effectively support your research/development projects with their high-quality products.


NOVASBIO, based in California (USA), specialises in the production of precision laboratory plastic consumables for use in life science research.

With a 30 year background in the engineering design and production of such products, plus the development of a leading global brand, still present today,  NOVASBIO management now utilise this experience to bring an exciting new line of Filter and Racked Non-Filter Tips, extensive options of PCR consumables and several sample storage solutions, all produced to exacting US standards.

To serve European research institutes, a company representative office and a distribution center has already been established to provide NOVASBIO products both cost-effectively and on a timely basis.

For full details on the NOVASBIO lines in Europe, we invite you to review the Biocom-NOVASBIO website at www.biocom.uk. We look forward to your interest and positive response.

BIOPREMIER is an independent company providing service in the food, founded in 2016 to become an innovation driver for products in molecular biology. BIOPREMIER’s experts gather over 20 years of experience in molecular biology solution.
BIOPREMIER’s clients are laboratories, private or government owned, that need high quality kit solutions or support in building up their molecular biology portfolio.

BIOPREMIER’s strengths:
- Constantly developing new kits for food targets.
- Developing kits upon request by clients, with short development times, together with controling the whole process, from designing the solution to producing the kits.
- We offer you thousands of high-quality products from diverse partners in the world for the food and environmental area.
- Fast response time, direct support and personal contact with our customers are top priorities.

BIOPREMIER’s goal is to become a global reference in producing, developing and distributing kits for diagnostics' laboratories, in particular for real time PCR detection kits, supported by technical know-how, by innovative capability and solutions presented to clients.

To ensure the quality of BIOPREMIER’s products, based on their know-how and experience, allied with their professionalism with which we intent to beat clients' expectations by delivering high quality solutions.

Please, visit BIOPREMIER’s website at https://www.biopremier.com.

YouSeq specialise in the design, development and manufacture of multiplex Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and qPCR kits, panels and reagents.  With over 30 years of molecular biology product development experience, they are experts at creating simple to use, complete NGS and qPCR kits with all the components necessary for fast and accurate detection on any platform.
Please, visit YouSeq website here: https://youseq.com/


Canvax Reagents SL is a leading European manufacturer of enzymes, buffers, PCR and qPCR reagents, DNA and RNA extraction kits and cell-based assays.
Canvax also offers effective solutions to accelerate research and the production of biological materials.
From ancillary reagents to Research Use Only (RUO) buffers or cGMP-compliant or diagnostic raw materials for RNA enzymes, Canvax has a proven track record of manufacturing to strict specifications. Using their previous experience and expertise, they can be your contract manufacturer in the future.
Canvax operates in its first-class facilities certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 for research raw materials and auxiliary reagents, and continuous improvement according to cGMP, current good manufacturing practice and ICH Q7.
Canvax is committed to supporting the entire scientific community and industrial customers worldwide with its manufacturing, accurate technical information and easy-to-use products.

You can reach Canvax portfolio here: https://www.canvaxbiotech.com/

You deserve the ultimate in reliability and quality – which is exactly what Oxford Lab Products delivers. Our products offer the performance, durability, consistency, and features that can elevate your lab to the next level. Learn how Oxford Lab Products can put your laboratory at the forefront of research. Explore our portfolio to see how we can help you. At Oxford Lab Products, innovation lives on!
Our scientists put all our products through stringent testing before they ever go to market. Whether your lab requires pipettes or other lab equipment, such as centrifuges and vortexers, you can rest assured that Oxford Lab Products will give you cost effective, precise and durable products that will serve you for years to come. End to end experience – from factory, distribution, to end user.
You deserve the ultimate in reliability and quality, and Oxford Lab Products delivers. Learn how Oxford Lab Products can put your laboratory at the forefront of research. At Oxford Lab Products, innovation lives on.

Electronic Pipette  ►
The Oxford BenchMate line was designed to improve accuracy and precision while still maintaining a lightweight and ergonomic design.

Mechanical/Manual Pipette  ►
Manual Pipette is highly popular and highly effective. It has been well-received throughout the years, all over the world, because it is very accurate, very precise, and it delivers performance consistently.

You can browse Oxford Lab Products pipette lines here: https://www.oxfordlp.com/liquid-handling/pipettes_pipets/

We are a leading system provider of microporous filter membranes and injection molded components. Founded in 1958, we have two plants in Germany today and are part of the family business Altenloh, Brinck & Co. Group. Injection molding and filtration are our passion.
In these areas we develop products based on customer specifications, manufacture serial products and set own standards with our cellQART®, FLUXX® and TRAKETCH® product lines — all Made in Germany.

Markets we serve
We are cooperating with our customers to resolve current challenges and offer best solutions in Life Sciences, Medical, Packaging and further Industries. Thanks to this cooperative approach and the steadily growing expertise, we have been successful on the market for decades and are optimally prepared for the future.

6-, 12- and 24-Well Cell Culture Inserts and pre-loaded Well Plates
With our cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts we are committed to the 3Rs principle of reducing, refining and replacing animal testing while advancing human benefit. Further, we are dedicated to resolve the dilemma of customer needs for innovative cell culture products meeting highest standards at affordable prices.

This product portfolio come with PET membranes in translucent, clear extended culture or clear optics in 6-, 12- and 24-Well format. The Inserts are tissue culture treated, sterile and are compatible with most standard Cell Culture Plates. Additionally cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts are available with our especially designed Well Plates. These Well Plates are supplied in 6-, 12- and 24-Well format, are sterile and pre-loaded with cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts.

You can check our portfolio here: https://cellqart.com/products

BioDynami is a biotechnology company that provides innovative solutions for life science and healthcare professionals. They offer high-quality and affordable reagents in the fields of Molecular Biology, Genomics, and Epigenetics. 
Product lines include Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), targeted sequencing, DNA extraction, DNA/RNA quantification, DNA/RNA purification, and DNA fragmentation.
Their team has a strong track record of innovative technology development and successful business management. They look forward to adding more technologies and reagents to our portfolio. 
We all believe high-quality, simple, and affordable reagents will make research and development easier for scientists.

You can find more about BioDynami here: https://biodynami.com/  

"We do pioneering work to simplify your workflow; the result is a new, singular user experience.  We create instruments that are more intuitive, flexible, and compact than traditional devices  – but do their job equally precisely. With highly functional designs, intuitive user interfaces and affordable pricing, we make the latest measurement technology more accessible."

"Everything we do, we do at our facility in Hamburg, Germany. Development is right next door to production and both work together closely to guarantee our quality standards. Our commitment to quality is even certified - in accordance with ISO 9001. Visit us or book an online demo to get to know us and our instruments."

"We combine the worlds of biology and light to innovate laboratory equipment that makes your workflow in the lab easier. To provide the best results, all components of our instruments are designed by us in-house."

Please, visit Byonoy website to find your next Photometer / Luminometer: https://byonoy.com/

LOEWE® was established in 1988 as an independent, privately owned company. As one of the commercial pioneers in the plant disease detection sector, the company started with the distribution of antisera for ELISA detection of plant viruses, produced by former Institute of Phytopathology in Aschersleben, Germany.
After the German reunification, LOEWE® started its own production in Aschersleben. With growing business volume the company moved to larger premises in Sauerlach. This facilitated our extensive R&D activities and in-house production processes to meet our customer’s demands for quality reagents for plant disease detection.
Since 35 years, we have built a comprehensive repertoire of diagnostic reagents and are now one of the leading producers and distributors of plant pathogen diagnostics. 

Direct and immediate contact with our customers is one of our most important objectives. Our products are available worldwide and can be ordered directly from LOEWE® Biochemica GmbH, Sauerlach, Germany.

Please, visit LOEWE® portfolio here: https://loewe-info.com/


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